Nibstears Poetry Cave

Nibstears Poetry Cave is apolitical and religion unaffiliated independent literary organization that was being founded in the year 2015 in the month of June by Poet Akinwemimo Idris. Nibstears is a Nigeria based organization that mainly upholds the stance of promoting poetry, setting right all the misconceptions in the world or arts. The credence and believe of the finder is the pitiable condition of the society of which nibs of the pen of every writer find it a necessity to morn through the tears they drool individually, this brought about the existence and the name of the organization.

Since the inception of her birth, many achievements could be referred to as projects accomplished under the radar of setting a newest place for writers (African writers) and polishing the orientation of writers who were being blinded by either Western education or through self inflicted ideology which goes against the rationality of human race. Education doesn’t teach to forget one’s culture for another, it doesn’t teach one to neglect one’s nation for another due to mere perishable tribulation that could not last longer.

Nibstears focuses on teaching morals and virtues through poetry. This organization is belongs to the school of thought which states that poetry is more than being a fun. Poetry is a guard even if the priests do find it difficult to use the sacred books to teach morals. This is the nibatears’ definition and purpose of poetry. Towards the actualization of this, Nibstears has an online poetry school where rational poetry is being taught. In addition to this, for encouragement, Nibstears Poetry Cave do organize annual poetry contest of which attracts both cash and material prize for the winners. For assurance, in 2016, Poet Thomas from Georgia came first in that year poetry contest. Series of this kind of contest were being held which did carry the theme that centered on society.

Under Nibstears Poetry Cave, apart from the online poetry school, A NEW HOME FOR AFRICA is another platform which was being set up as a body to promote the values and restore the lost values of Africa.

Under this platform, poetry anthology is part of the features of which do feature the poetry works of poets from various African countries. In addition to this, poetry contest do crown it all which was usually being centered on the theme of the anthology.

Nibstears Poetry Festival

Nibstears Poetry Cave has a strong belief in the power of socialism and collective effort. In respect to that, in 2018, dated March 17th, a poetry event was being held as the beginning of the evangelical ministry for societal growth through poetry shows. The poetry festival was being held under the identity (of which forever to be held) of TASTE OF WORDS. It could though be very intricate to believe that words have their tastes, and only those who can spit their mind and vomit their grievances and bliss against or for their society are the real people who care about the society. It was a wonderful awareness and the below pictures are the instances of assurance :

For the renowned icons who saw virtues in Nibstears focus, they made their presence a must on either the speech delivery tagged WORDS AND SOCIETY as the theme or presentation of their highly esteemed poems.

For the success of the project, Caprecon Development Foundation in England which was being headed by Mr. Dollin Holt played a major role in provision of available assistance. The project couldn’t had being a successful one without the support of Nibstears members (Nibstears Press, media and training crew) The below pictures and lot more are the film of remembrance that keeps NIBSTEARS POETRY CAVE moving.

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Nibstears Poetry Cave… promoting our communal literary world.